4 ways to grow and develop ‘Rising Stars’

In a competitive job market, it is more important than ever to recruit and retain talent.

When you come across “rising stars,” it is easy to imagine them working their way into leadership, yet building that path takes time and effort.

For example, challenges can arise when an individual’s plan doesn’t match up with leadership’s expectations. Perhaps the person you’ve had your eye on is not interested in advancement, or they might have different aspirations.

Alternatively, you might find that even a “rising star” has a few training gaps to address before being ready for the next career step.

So, how do you build a pool of “rising stars?” Creating a clear plan for training and development is a great place to start.

Broadly, this can include giving your staff members access to new opportunities, exposing them to different areas of the company, and demonstrating a culture of lifelong learning by encouraging and supporting their educational experiences.

On an individual level, you should take the time to understand your employees’ goals and align them with the opportunities you can offer. That might mean finding them a mentor, letting them take a transfer or a promotion to another area of the organization, or helping them get additional training and experience.

While your plan could include several steps, the key is to support them actively and intentionally. Keep in mind that “rising stars” tend to be ambitious and seek to advance quickly. Demonstrating that you have a concrete plan for their development can help keep them engaged, even if it might be some time before a leadership position opens.

As you build an intentional plan for development, here are four best practices to keep in mind for your “rising stars”:

Include them

Ask for their ideas, listen to their input and let them implement their solutions — they might think of something you’ve never considered. Let them join meetings or sales calls to gain experience. Give them space to try things and check in, but don’t micromanage them.

Recognize them

Give credit where credit is due. If they have a good idea or they contribute positively to the organization, make sure that they are acknowledged. This can help them feel valued and invested in the organization.

Support them

This can be shown in many ways, such as believing in them and letting them try new things, but also by being flexible and adaptable. If they try a new area and find it is not for them, then let them move to another area, instead of losing their talent from the organization.

Be honest with them

Transparency, openness and honesty will create trust, and trust develops into loyalty. No one likes to be in the dark, so share information and let people know where they stand, what they need to improve, what they do well and what the organization needs from them.

Using these tips will help to ensure that your organization can grow and develop rising stars and can keep them shining bright on their path to success.