Angie’s List is changing its name to Angi

NEW YORK — Angie’s List is giving itself a new name: Angi.

The website said today that it is changing its name to better reflect what it does now. Founded in 1995 as an online directory to research and rate local plumbers and other home contractors, it has evolved into a site where users can book, schedule and pay someone online to unclog a toilet or mount a TV to the wall.

“At its core, we’re not a list,” said Oisin Hanrahan, who was named CEO of the website’s parent company last month.

It went with Angi, instead of Angie, because it was a unique name no one else was using, Hanrahan said.

The website’s URL will go from to The app will reflect the change, too. And the logo has been redone, losing its former green hue for a bright coral red.

Angie’s List was named after Angie Hicks, who co-founded the site nearly 25-years ago. Hicks, who also appeared on TV commercials for the site, is still involved with the company as a chief customer officer and board member.

As part of the revamp, the Denver-based parent company, ANGI Homeservices Inc., will also change its name to Angi Inc. Its stock symbol will remain unchanged as “ANGI.”