Are you ready to be a growth leader?

AUSTIN, Texas — Growth is a leadership issue, not a sales issue. In his new Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller, “The Growth Leader: Strategies to Drive the Top and Bottom Lines (Fast Company Press), author and executive consultant Scott K. Edinger reveals how top executives create profitable growth through the intersection of strategy, leadership and sales.

“You must treat causes, not symptoms and Scott Edinger’s ‘The Growth Leader’ can help you to do that,” said Frank V. Cespedes, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of “Aligning Strategy and Sales.” “’The Growth Leader’ is a book for managers, not pundits or ‘strategy priests’ with abstract theories about competition. Executives can’t afford to leave this process to chance. ‘The Growth Leader’ can spur necessary dialogue and help align a company’s sales efforts and investments with its business goals.”

Edinger examines how to achieve sustained and strategic growth by looking beyond merely communicating the value of products or services. He explores methods for organizations to create value in the way they sell by delivering a compelling experience that enhances the product itself. Edinger explains how leaders are ultimately responsible for building and guiding this experience.

With a clear strategy, inspiring leadership and aligned sales, leaders understand that true competitive advantage doesn’t come from innovation alone but belongs to companies that use their sales organization to add and create value. In “The Growth Leader,” Edinger illustrates how to ensure growth strategy is aligned at every level of a company, from boardroom initiatives to daily customer interaction.

“I’ve helped countless CEOs and leaders intentionally and strategically engage with the customer experience to differentiate, innovate, cultivate loyalty and grow,” Edinger said. “The purpose of my work has always been to supply my clients with something most of them lack: A robust, fully functioning link between the C-suite and the sales organization that creates a powerful competitive advantage. This book provides the tools and you need to become the growth leader your team needs.”

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