Beauty in Motion Dancewear Boutique wants dancers to feel confident

Beauty in Motion Dancewear Boutique

Owner: Mandy Halbur

Address: 5600 Saratoga Road

Phone: 563-581-1635

Services: Dance and gymnastics wear

Mandy Halbur never wants someone to stop pursuing their passion because of a negative self-image.

“My past experience being a dancer growing up, I always struggled with my personal self-image, and so that was something that was really important to me because now that I have a daughter who dances I would never want her to quit pursuing her passions because she doesn’t like the way she looks in a leotard,” said Halbur, who owns Beauty in Motion Dancewear Boutique, 5600 Saratoga Road.

She opened the boutique in September 2021, offering leotards, leggings and crop tops – among other items – in sizes from toddler to women’s XXL. The boutique also offers dance shoes, dance bags and books.

It’s important, according to Halbur, to have leotards “for all body types.”

“When it comes to dance, many of the studios require certain apparel,” Halbur said. “And there’s reasons for that, so they can see a dancer’s lines and see how a dancer’s body is positioned.”

But not everyone is comfortable in a leotard and tights, she said.

“I want these kids to be able to continue doing what they love and they’re passionate about whether they feel comfortable wearing a leotard or not. Every person that comes through our door has the opportunity to try things on and feel comfortable in their own skin,” she said.

Halbur started thinking about opening a shop in summer 2020. And when her daughter – who has been featured in the boutique’s new TikTok account – started dancing in Dubuque, they struggled to find dancewear that fit her and were “always looking for a local place.”

“I had always ben passionate about dance since I was a kid,” Halbur said. “I went to college and started a career in corporate world. I had some life changes happen and when I started thinking about it, it was a way for me to reconnect with my previous passion of dance.”

In the roughly eight months since opening, Halbur said the store has been well-received.

“Everyone that comes in is really excited that I am here and that they’re able to see things and try them on,” she said. “Even feeling the fabrics.”

A lot of people, according to Halbur, want to ensure the fabrics are a good quality or feel a certain way – especially for children who might have a sensory issue.

“Everyone really excited that they have an option locally,” she said. “I think the best part or most rewarding part for me has been those kids or those parents that had that dance emergency (where they) have a performance tomorrow or later on tonight or can’t find a shoe or can’t find their tights.”

She’s now able to provide an option for parents and dancers in those situations.

Moving forward, Halbur said she plans to expand beyond basic dance shoes – ballet, tap and jazz – and clothing to include other types of dance in the area.

“I know we have a big Irish dance group as well as ballroom dancing, so those are other areas that I’m hoping to branch off into,” Halbur said.

She also plans to include items for male dancers.

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