Biz Buzz: Food, grocery options coming to Holy Cross space; Dubuque gym gets new owners; Dubuque wellness center marks 5 years

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Biz Buzz shares business tidbits from across the tri-state area. This edition highlights developments in Holy Cross and Dubuque, Iowa.

A couple in Holy Cross is opening a physical location for their business that will sell both food and grocery items.

Erin and Kenny Potter plan to open Buenie Bottoms Grill and Market at 882 Main St., in the former location of local grocery store Main Street Market, which closed in December.

“This helps us to expand and have a central location that we can work out of and do more things easily,” Erin Potter said. “We were looking to expand our brand anyway.”

She said she hopes to start slowly rolling out food items out of the Main Street location this month, after finishing up construction and getting the space ready for customers.

Buenie Bottoms initially operated in a small trailer along the river in North Buena Vista before expanding to a food truck in 2015. The food truck — which still will be in operation after the new Buenie Bottoms location opens — has a menu that includes cheeseburgers, nachos and loaded fries.

Potter said the plan for the physical location is to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, with specials each day and an area available for customers to sit and eat.

She added that the restaurant and food truck menus will be different, as a fryer has not been added to the Main Street building. Pizzas and sandwiches will be featured in the restaurant.

“We will also have grab-and-go items,” she added. “We have a lot of truckers and farmers here that want to grab something quick. We’re starting off real slow and small right now. Hopefully we can keeping adding on to all the stuff.”

Buenie Bottoms also will offer coffee, energy drinks and a “local talent corner” featuring items from small businesses, she added.

The Holy Cross location also will carry basic grocery items, filling a need following the closure of Main Street Market.

“We’re providing a much-needed space for the community,” Potter said. “People around here have really missed having a grocery store for basic needs.”

Updates on Buenie Bottoms Grill and Market, as well as food truck locations, can be found on the business’ Facebook page.

Dubuque gym gets new owners

The Dubuque location of a gym franchise has new owners.

Corey and Ryan Jenny are now the owners of Anytime Fitness, 2255 John F. Kennedy Road. The couple took over the business about a month ago.

“We had a couple of days to think about it, and it was a resounding ‘yes’ from me,” Ryan Jenny said. “I’ve called (the gym) home for about five years now. I’m a competitive powerlifter, and that’s where my roots got started and why the gym means so much to me.”

Ryan Jenny said the previous owner had been trying to sell the business for a while before approaching her and her husband in March.

“For my husband, we’ve been together for the duration of the time I’ve been there (at Anytime Fitness),” she added. “When we were approached about taking it over, he said, ‘Well, it kind of comes with you.’”

She also stressed that the space needs a facelift, and plans to update the gym will be rolling out over the next two years.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all of the new faces and returning faces,” Ryan Jenny said. “I want to help people reach their fitness goals. That’s been a big part of my life, and I’m excited to see other people doing it.”

Anytime Fitness operates by appointment only. The gym can be reached at 563-845-7779, and more information can be found on the Anytime Fitness website.

Dubuque wellness center marks five years

A Dubuque wellness center is marking five years in the community, with an eye toward continuing to grow.

Statera Integrated Health and Wellness Solutions, 3375 Lake Ridge Drive, is celebrating the milestone with a community appreciation event on April 26.

“The future is so exciting,” said owner and CEO Nicole Hutchison. “When I first stepped out of my practice and started my own business, it was kind of a scary leap. Through that process and the process of writing this business plan and the wonderful people that help guide me, it let us be able to be where we are today.”

Hutchison said she was working as a physical therapist when she decided to open her own business out of her home more than a decade ago.

“I wanted to work more one-on-one with my clients and be able to address health and wellness in the mind, body and spirit, not just their current injury,” she said. “I wanted to be able to talk about how nutrition and hydration impact the healing process. Even stress impacts the healing process.”

Hutchison took that philosophy with her when she decided to bring other providers on board and built the space that became Statera in 2018.

The business now has 33 team members who practice a wide range of disciplines. That includes traditional medicine, as well as holistic medicine and fitness sessions, among other areas.

“I believe this is the future of health care,” Hutchison said. “I believe what we have now is not a health care system but a sick-care system. A lot of times, we’re not getting help for the individual until they are sick or broken. If we offer more help to individuals before they are sick or broken, we can optimize their health and wellness before that happens.”

Looking to the future, Hutchison said she always is looking at adding more providers and disciplines to the practice.

“We are very full where we currently are,” she said. “The building is full. We are looking for opportunities for future growth either here in the Dubuque area or beyond. We’re very proud to be here in Dubuque and offer this.”

Statera Integrated Health and Wellness Solutions can be reached at 563-207-8932, and more information can be found at