Biz Buzz: Meat delivery business expands to Dubuque area; Dubuque couple to expand on snow cone business success; Dubuque physical therapist helps those with pelvic pain

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Biz Buzz shares business tidbits from across the tri-states. This edition highlights developments in Dubuque.

An Iowa-based business delivering fresh meat to people’s doors has expanded into the Dubuque area.

The company, 99 Counties, started in October and works with more than 20 Iowa farms to bring meat from the farms to customers’ doors. Cindy Stratton and Doug Stonebreaker — 99 Counties’ sales manager and supply chain director, respectively — said the business expanded earlier this year into Dubuque County.

“It’s a way for people to directly connect with farmers and get meats delivered, know where it came from and how it was raised,” Stonebreaker said. “Our goal is to really support the small, local food economy.”

Stonebreaker said 99 Counties initially began as Wallace Farms in Keystone, Iowa, where his friend Nick Wallace had been delivering sustainable meat products to the Iowa City and Chicago areas for 20 years. The name change to 99 Counties came as a way to support more small farmers, Stonebreaker said.

“We started delivering meat milkman style,” he said. “It comes in a little bag. We drop off the bag, and you give us the old bag.”

99 Counties does all the processing for its meats, which include beef, pork and poultry. The business also sells sausage, bacon and eggs. Bags of products get delivered to customers’ doorsteps within three days of placing an order.

“For dog lovers, we have pet food and treats, as well,” Stratton added.

In addition to continuing to grow by adding more farmers in the future, Stratton said 99 Counties also is working on a “farm to fork” event for the fall in Dubuque, at which people can enjoy meals prepared with local foods.

Stonebreaker added that he and Stratton, who is a Dubuque native, moved to the Dubuque area to help build 99 Counties in the area.

“We came to Dubuque full time to be with family and help build this local food economy,” he said. “We’re very passionate about it. This is why we’re here.”

More information on 99 Counties can be found online at The business can also be found at and on Instagram @99.counties.

Couple planning to grow snow cone business

A couple plans this year to build upon the success of their snow cone business in Dubuque.

Donny and Amanda Boebel started Donny Does It in Dubuque last year with a snow cone trailer, hosted by the Hy-Vee on Dodge Street and booking events throughout the tri-state area.

“For this season, we’re currently the campground hosts at Miller Riverview Park,” Amanda said. “As far as events booked, everybody that booked with us last year booked with us again.”

The couple decided to start Donny Does It after seeking to work together as a family. They also have restored campers for years, turning one into the snow cone trailer.

“I’m southern, and we had snow cones and snow balls there all of the time,” Amanda said. “Up here, I noticed that nobody is really selling that.”

The trailer boasts more than 100 different snow cone flavors, including a few cheesecake and coffee-flavored options.

“We were working the Dragon Boat Festival last year, and one kid came up 20 different times and got a different flavor every time,” Donny said. “I think he was trying for all 100 flavors.”

Amanda noted that they want to continue growing the Donny Does It name in the years ahead, including by expanding with a funnel cake trailer and a daiquiri trailer for adults. They also hope to buy a permanent location for their business in addition to the trailers in the future.

“But this year we’re focusing on the events,” Amanda said. “We will book until there are no more events to do. We hope to be in Dubuque a long time.”

The Donny Does It snow cone trailer can be booked by emailing The business can also be reached at 815-821-5204.

Dubuque physical therapist helping those with pelvic pain, dysfunction

A Dubuque physical therapist is helping patients experiencing pelvic pain get back to their normal selves with a specific type of therapy.

Logan Lynch has been operating her practice, Life in Motion Physical Therapy, since 2020. She has moved several times since starting the business, most recently moving to 1497 Central Ave., in the same space as Be One Wellness.

Lynch primarily focuses on pelvic floor therapy, which most commonly is associated with pregnant and postpartum women. However, Lynch stressed that the therapy can help anyone experiencing pelvic pain or dysfunction.

“I went to the University of Iowa for physical therapy school, and toward the end of my schooling I started learning a little bit more about the impact pelvic floor therapy could make,” she said. “It resonated with me in terms of the area I wanted to help people and the quality of life they can have and fill that gap in the community.”

Lynch said she starts by identifying the main issues with a patient’s pelvic floor, sometimes doing a pelvic floor muscle assessment, before putting together a treatment plan and providing exercises a patient can also work on at home.

Pelvic floor therapy is growing in the field of physical therapy in general, Lynch said.

“The word is growing on what this is, and people are telling each other about it,” she said. “This is a cool opportunity to do it here (in Dubuque) to grow that knowledge and help spread the word.”

Lynch said her favorite part of her practice is seeing her clients thrive after going through pelvic floor therapy.

“I hear from clients a lot, even after the first session, ‘Why didn’t I know about this’ and “Why have I not heard this before?’” she said. “They also just give me feedback that they thought after having a baby or dealing with this, they thought they would deal with this for the rest of their life. They are surprising themselves with what they are able to do without having these symptoms.”

Life in Motion Physical Therapy operates by appointment only and can be reached at 563-204-8343. More information can also be found online at