Biz Buzz Monday: Historic Maquoketa hotel under new ownership

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Biz Buzz shares business tidbits from the tri-state area. In addition to this development from Maquoketa, Iowa, we will share other developments in Tuesday’s edition.

A historic Maquoketa hotel is under new ownership.

Mihir “Mike” Patel took over Decker House Hotel, 128 N. Main St., about a month ago with his business partner and brother-in-law, Maher Patel.

“The reason we bought this property, the main reason, was the building itself is historical, and we want to keep it that way,” Mihir Patel said. “… We really want to keep this building as it is. We definitely would appreciate support from the community of Maquoketa to make our dream come true for the future.”

The hotel has operated in Maquoketa since the 1870s. The property previously was run by brothers Josh and Nathan Woodward, who took over ownership in December 2020 and put the property up for sale last fall.

Mihir Patel, who is from the Madison, Wis., area, has experience both working at and running hotels. He said he was attracted to Decker House Hotel because of the property’s history and the community itself.

“There are nice and kind people in Maquoketa,” he said. “Since I have in-laws staying at the hotel, I want to make sure the community is safe, nice and kind, and those three things I have seen in Maquoketa.”

The 18-room hotel will remain the same, though Patel noted that they will undertake some light renovations and buy new bedding.

He added that the restaurant on the property, which was closed by the previous owner, will remain closed for the time being.

“It would take a lot of money to reopen it,” Patel said. “We don’t have a lot of money to invest right away. In the future, we will see how it would do revenue-wise. If it’s the right time and opportunity, we may consider it, but now it is closed.”

However, Patel said the property’s bar, The Maquoketa Cave, will continue operating. There also will be light renovations to a small banquet hall and meeting room so community members can hold events there, from corporate gatherings to birthday parties.

“We will provide catering service to people who would like to do events at the hotel,” Patel added.

Decker House Hotel can be reached at 563-652-1875 and found online at