Biz Buzz Monday: Local company invests in clean manufacturing

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Biz Buzz shares business tidbits from the tri-states. In addition to this update from Maquoketa, Iowa, we will highlight additional developments from Dubuque in Tuesday’s edition.

A Maquoketa manufacturer has completed a capital improvement project that allows it to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Dynamic Tube recently launched an industrial clean line and inspection facility within its facility at 1286 E. Maple St., according to Business Development Director Brian Deines.

Dynamic Tube manufactures and fabricates high-performance tubing and pipe parts used in engine, fluid and hydraulic systems by original equipment manufacturers in the agriculture, construction, mining, railroad and defense industries.

Producing clean parts for these clients is essential: Deines explained that even miniscule particles of dirt and grime have the potential to damage the internal workings of an engine or piece of machinery.

By investing in ways to create cleaner parts, officials at Dynamic Tube believe they can meet the needs of existing clients and position the company to land new ones.

“The standards for cleanliness are getting more stringent as time goes on,” he said. “This is a response to what our (original equipment manufacturer) customers are telling us.”

Parts now go through three basic steps at Dynamic Tube.

First, they are sent through a five-tank, clean line system, Deines said. Along the way, parts will get progressively cleaner as they are dipped and flushed in these tanks.

Next, the parts are sent to an inspection room and examined under a newly acquired, industrial inspection microscope.

“It’s not enough just to clean them,” Deines said. “You have to inspect them and make sure they are clean.”

Finally, the parts are capped and sealed inside the inspection room, which features an air-filtration system that prevents dust from being reintroduced to freshly cleaned parts.

Deines said the company invested about $250,000 on the project overall. He views it as a worthwhile expenditure.

“Overall, the industry is trending this direction,” he said. “For a company our size, I think we are ahead of the curve.”

Dynamic Tube has been in operation since 1976. It now employs about 65 workers.

The business can be reached at 563-652-5165.