Biz Profile: Thrivent


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Opened: The Aid Association for Lutherans was founded in 1902. The Lutheran Brotherhood was founded in 1917. The two merged together into Thrivent in 2002. Jennifer Kreeb filled a Dubuque vacancy with the company in 2019.

Thrivent is a financial advising company with a twist: It stems from and incorporates historically Lutheran ideals.

Jennifer Kreeb is part of the leadership team at Thrivent, and she has seen the company with its philosophy grow during her tenure. She has been part of a mission — both financial and philosophical — that the company’s clients appreciate.

“With a higher purpose at our core, we continue our legacy of generosity while expanding our range of financial offerings to help more people achieve financial clarity— so they can live lives full of meaning and gratitude,” Kreeb said. “We are backed by the strength and stability of a Fortune 500 organization that has been around for over 120 years.”

Thrivent got its start as Aid Association for Lutherans when 500 founding members each contributed $5 to support one another. The association and Lutheran Brotherhood were separate entities before merging to form Thrivent in 2002. Since its founding, and under the two entities, the organization has added loan programs for churches and farms in 1931, annuities and health insurance in 1958 and 1962 respectively and mutual funds in 1970. The company has continued to see steady growth since.

“Thrivent’s roots are in the Lutheran market,” Kreeb said. “However, in 2013, our members voted and approved our expansion to extend our common bond to help all Christians achieve financial clarity.”

Kreeb has played a key role in helping the company grow from this perspective.

Originally from St. Olaf, Iowa, Kreeb’s experience included time in Arizona and California in the lending industry before returning to Iowa in 2004 as an advisor at Thrivent. She joined the leadership team after a few years in that position, and after “recruiting, training and launching new advisors,” she filled a vacancy in Dubuque in 2019.

And the company’s growth continues.

“I partnered with two other Thrivent teams to form what is now Quadrant Financial Advisors,” Kreeb said. “We now serve clients all over Eastern Iowa and in several states.”

Kreeb graduated from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids with a degree in marketing and finance. She and her husband, Matt, live in Dyersville with their three children.

“It took moving away for a few years for me to truly appreciate Iowa. The beauty, cost of living and people are wonderful, and I feel truly blessed to now be building a business here in Dubuque,” she said. “While Dubuque is one of the larger cities in Iowa, it still feels like a small town.”

She has joined the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce and enjoys getting involved and getting to know people and the business community. In fact, her personal value of community matches Thrivent’s mission to provide “holistic” financial advice for the good of community members.

“We serve individuals, families and small business owners through a comprehensive approach. We are honored to be a part of our clients’ lives and this community,” said Kreeb.

Ultimately, when it comes to “financial clarity,” community members benefit from options that meet both their life-long financial and spiritual growth.