Business Transformation Demystified

MADISON, Wis. — Business transformation is no longer the outlier, it’s the norm and the pace of change will only continue to speed up. MJ Reiners’ new book, “Engineering an Epiphany” is designed to help leaders and change agents successfully execute transformation programs while engaging teams in the process and outcomes.

Reiners has spent more than two decades working with executives in the successful implementation of enterprise-wide projects. During that time, she also studied energy principles from master teachers and energy experts from around the world. “Engineering an Epiphany” is an aggregation of her learning and experience delivered in a practical model with a simple framework for success. Her “seven forces of transformation” are aimed to drive results for any change effort.

The lessons in the book are all the more relevant in a world where artificial intelligence will be transforming industries.

“With about 70% of change initiatives failing, it’s time we get out of the executional weeds and focus upstream where success actually starts — and that’s in our energy,” Reiners said. “The reason ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is that big thoughtforms eat small thoughtforms every time. So, no strategy, no goal, no vision can be successful until the energy surrounding a bigger, stronger thoughtform can overcome the previous one. ‘Engineering an Epiphany’ will show you how to do that by teaching a novel formula and the energy principles you need to succeed.”

“Engineering an Epiphany” has landed a spot on Amazon’s best-seller lists in three categories: Organizational change, information management and business structural adjustment.