Cascade council maps out possibilities for future annexation

CASCADE, Iowa — The Cascade City Council this week began discussing areas for possible land annexation as it looks ahead to future growth and development.

“The reason we are doing this is the city is kind of outgrowing its present footprint,” said City Council member Bill Hosch. “I think the City Council is just looking at the need and looking toward the future and making sure we have adequate space for expansion for the city.”

During its work session this week, the council reviewed a 2016 annexation study it completed in an effort to assess where areas for possible annexation are located. Currently the city is looking at parcels of land to the north of U.S. 151, south of Second Avenue Southeast and east of the Oak Hill subdivision.

“We are starting to get landlocked,” said City Administrator Deanna McCusker. “We are looking at what the long-term areas would look like for the growth of Cascade.”

According to the study, Cascade’s 2010 U.S. Census population was 2,159. The City’s 2015 U.S. Census population estimate was 2,271. Between 2000 and 2010, the city’s population grew by 201 people or about 10%. Recent data from the 2019 U.S. Census estimates the city’s population at about 2,329.

McCusker said city officials also used the work session to discuss what infrastructure such as water, sewer and roads will need to be added if that land is annexed and eventually developed.

“Eventually we hope to move forward with the annexation, but it’s all contingent on what the City Council decides to do and property owners decide to do,” she said.

Next, the city will need to talk to about 10 homeowners who currently live outside the city limits to discuss if they would be open to annexing into Cascade.

“The City Council just feels we need to look toward the future and build plans to see if there are property owners that would be willing to work with the city,” Hosch said.