Dubuque-based company’s CEO announces retirement; successors selected

A Dubuque-based company announced its longtime CEO’s retirement on Thursday, as well as plans for co-CEOs to take over the company.

Hodge Co. announced in a press release that Tim Hodge will retire Sept. 11. Hodge has worked at the company for 44 years, serving as CEO for two decades.

“Since its establishment in 1958, HODGE has evolved from a public warehousing company with a handful of employees into a thriving enterprise, employing over 1,200 team members across three states,” the release states. “Behind this growth is CEO Tim Hodge. … HODGE extends its deepest gratitude to Tim Hodge for his invaluable contributions to the business and community throughout his tenure as CEO.”

Zach Hodge and Jordan Fullan — Tim Hodge’s son and daughter, respectively — will take on co-CEO roles following their father’s retirement. They will be the fourth generation in their family to lead the company.

Zach Hodge currently serves as the company’s president, and Fullan currently serves as executive vice president of human resources and safety.

“The seamless collaboration between Zach and Jordan, honed over the past seven years as executive leaders within HODGE, sets the stage for a successful transition into fourth-generation ownership,” the release states. “While each co-CEO will have their defined areas of responsibility, their shared commitment to excellence and their aligned vision for the company’s future will ensure unity in propelling HODGE forward.”