Dubuque insurance company acquires local agency

A Dubuque insurance company continues to grow with the acquisition of an HTLF-affiliated insurance agency.

O’Connor & English Insurance Agency recently announced that the business purchased DB&T Insurance. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“DB&T has been a good community partner over the years, and we share that commitment to the Dubuque and Dyersville communities,” said Tim English, owner/president of O’Connor & English. “They’ve been committed to their customers and employees over the years, so we think it’ll be a positive transition for all.”

English said the acquisition will allow the business to offer additional products, with DB&T Insurance customers gaining access to several more insurance carriers. He noted that DB&T Insurance mainly offered personal insurance, while O’Connor & English offers both commercial and personal insurance.

“It will give us the opportunity to provide better service to current customers and a way to grow organically (and) grow our customer base with broader product offerings,” he said.

DB&T Insurance started in 1985 as an affiliate of Dubuque Bank and Trust and operated as an affiliate of HTLF, formerly known as Heartland Financial USA, a press release states. O’Connor & English has served the Dubuque area since 1972, and English, of English Insurance Agency in Dyersville, Iowa, bought the agency in 2012.

English noted that both the Dubuque and Dyersville offices have grown, so the acquisition of DB&T Insurance was a “perfect fit” as the company continues that trajectory.

“It definitely helps us grow as an agency,” he said. “… It gives us an opportunity to offer a broader spectrum of products to all our policyholders.”

While one staffer at DB&T Insurance retired, the other three staff members at the agency joined O’Connor & English at its office on Associates Drive, bringing the number of staff at the Dubuque and Dyersville offices to 13. English said the chance to bring on the “well-seasoned” staff at DB&T Insurance was a key reason for the purchase.

Ryan Lund, head of corporate communications for HTLF, said the sale of DB&T Insurance was a better strategic fit, noting that the agency was “a relatively small business line.”

“O’Connor & English, their sole focus is insurance, so we think this is a better long-term fit for the insurance customers,” he said.

Lund noted that the transaction does not impact any other business lines or services at Dubuque Bank and Trust.

English said the transition for DB&T Insurance customers should be a seamless one.

“Their policies won’t change,” he said. “It’s pretty seamless. They will be with the same carriers and so forth.”