Edgewood farm equipment dealership announces ownership additions

EDGEWOOD, Iowa — An Edgewood farm equipment dealership has added another generation of the Funke family, helping to ensure the business will continue to serve its customers for decades to come.

Michelle and Cain Brady have joined Michelle’s parents, Jay and Elaine Funke, and her uncle Mike Funke as owners of Del-Clay Farm Equipment.

The move comes as Jim and Kathy Funke, Jay’s parents and Michelle’s grandparents, retire from their ownership roles at Del-Clay. Mike Funke will continue to serve on the board of directors for the dealership.

For Jay Funke, adding Michelle and Cain Brady won’t change his role as general manager and sales consultant but will continue the legacy of service to a loyal customer base he’s known since purchasing the dealership in 1992.

“Having Michelle and Cain join as owners is exceptionally important to me,” he said. “Every business owner has to have an idea of what is going to happen in the future. And it’s important to know when you have spent 29 years working for something that you can see it continue on. I don’t believe that anybody wants to see their business do well and then go by the wayside.”

Michelle and Cain Brady bring continuity to the ownership team, with Cain having 11 years of experience with Del-Clay and Michelle, seven.

Cain Brady is a precision farming specialist and works with equipment sales, while Michelle Brady has been involved with marketing, accounting and sales and assists her father in managing the business. She is also in charge of Del-Clay’s Kawasaki side-by-side sales, where she ranks among the top salespeople in her region.