Employees beware: The worker shortage will end

Artificial intelligence entered our vocabulary a few years ago and has created a bit of a stir (even though the official definition was first coined by John McCarthy in 1955 at the Dartmouth Conference).

Artificial intelligence is a theory that robots, or computer systems, will perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. AI could replace our jobs.

Here we are in 2022, and business owners cannot find enough workers. Some businesses have reduced hours to accommodate this shortage and, unfortunately, some organizations are closing.

Despite debates, the advantages of artificial intelligence applications are enormous and can revolutionize any professional sector. When we consider the pros and cons, let us never forget the main priority of business owners can be summed up in one word: Survival.

There are many ideas as to why we have an employee shortage.

  • Baby boomers are retiring sooner than expected.
  • The pandemic has “pushed” people to leave full-time work to be home with children.
  • “Work from home” jobs are easy to find or create.
  • Unemployment benefits are better than working for an organization.

Regardless of the reason, employees beware. We will not have a shortage much longer because business owners are creative and resourceful.

The mindset of a business owner is to stay in business and make a profit. If artificial intelligence will help a business survive, then business owners are considering investing in this option.

We already are seeing it in stores with self-checkouts and self-ordering stations. I do not prefer self-checkouts. I would rather have the assistance and interaction with a clerk.

However, if it means I will have the convenience of the local store, open into the evening hours, then I am willing to adapt my habits and embrace these automated systems.

I believe that everyone needs to own a business at some point in their life to understand how business works and how owners think.

When I was an employee for various organizations, I was contracted to do a requested job in a specific department. I was able to focus on my work and only that work. In past decades, some of this work has included accounting, computer programming and training.

It was not until I had my business that I fully understood inventory management, daily budgeting, employee relations and laws to follow. All of these new lessons were daily projects that needed my attention. Gone were the days of focus and analysis in one discipline.

My husband and I have owned a business that was not successful and closed prematurely.

Choosing to close the doors was an extremely difficult decision that included downsizing employees, personally financing a large amount of debt and leaving the community void of this service.

I wish we would have been in more of a creative mind at that time, however, the pressure of the failing business was too much for our minds and our energy to take.

We are thankful for this experience because now we can empathize with business owners and our world today. We choose to embrace change and think differently about our approach to business. We choose to seek the positives about robotic solutions.

The world can benefit a great deal from the existence of artificial intelligence, and while jobs might be created, some could be lost or changed.

Many potential dangers come with this new approach in technology. However, I choose to be excited about the innovations that are on the horizon.

Regardless of which side one might support, we must all realize one simple fact. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, businesses need to survive.