Finding Your North Star in Business and Life

AUSTIN, Texas — With self-confidence, focus and determination, anybody can achieve their ambitions for a more fulfilling career and happier life.

Nobody understands this better than Scott Miller, author of “The Summit Mindset: Winning the Battle of You Versus You” (Greenleaf Book Group Press). In this new title, Miller — along with best-selling co-author James C. Moore — shares the practical steps and philosophies that helped him build a life of happiness and an accomplished career.

“Scott’s done an amazing job capturing the insights he’s gathered over his highly successful career,” said Mike Weinstein, former CEO of Snapple Beverage Group. “His Summit Philosophy on leading a successful organization is thoughtful, practical, and can be applied to anyone’s business or personal life. I really enjoyed finding nuggets of wisdom in every chapter.”

The idea of a “summit mindset” was inspired by Miller’s personal dream of attaining success, security and happiness. From a young age, he envisioned himself on the summit and convinced himself that no obstacle would keep him from staying there. Throughout his career that mindset has evolved through experience and study into a concrete set of methodologies to guide careers, grow revenues, exercise positive influence and deliver happiness.

The summit mindset and its accessible tactics helped Miller build the culture of success at Essentia Water and later to shepherd the company through its acquisition by Nestlé. Now, Miller has applied the tools to build YESLY Water, the world’s first enhanced still water in a can.

“This book is an extension of my personal philosophy about achievement, comprised of standards and practices I always apply to companies and personal development,” Miller said. “In it, you’ll find simple advice based on experience and learning, which can help you set a new course or refine your current goals to find happiness in your daily life. There has never been anything in my life more important than the pursuit of happiness, and the Summit Mindset has delivered that to me. And I am confident it can do the same thing for you.”

Miller and Moore outline how a Summit Mindset can help readers to:

  • Identify what they truly want out of life by finding their “north star.”
  • Develop an unconquerable approach to facing obstacles.
  • Define an organization’s strategic pillars and live those values.
  • Appreciate the value of caring for people and finding joy in acts of kindness.
  • Cultivate the courage to take risks, fail, be true to oneself and ask for help.

“The Summit Mindset” is available now wherever books are sold.