Google loses appeal against $56 million fine in France

France’s highest administrative court today has upheld a fine of $56 million against Google for not being “sufficiently clear and transparent” with users of Android about their data protection options.  PHOTO CREDIT: Michel Euler

PARIS — France’s highest administrative court has upheld a fine of 50 million euros ($56 million) Google was ordered to pay for not being “sufficiently clear and transparent” with Android users about their data protection options.

Google was first slapped with the fine in January 2019, the first penalty for a U.S. tech giant under new European data privacy rules that took effect in 2018.

Google appealed the penalty issued by France’s data privacy watchdog to France’s Council of State, the final arbiter in such cases.

The council ruled Friday that the National Data Protection Commission had the right to sanction Google and that the fine was not disproportionate.