IIW rebrands to Origin Design

A Dubuque-headquartered company specializing in architectural and engineering services has rebranded.

The company formerly known as IIW is now going by the name Origin Design, according to President and CEO Pat Ready.

Ready framed the branding change as the culmination of a lengthy and detail-oriented process.

“We began to look at our brand about two years ago,” he said. “Everything was on the table: Our colors, how we talk about ourselves, we even put our name out there (for a potential change).”

Origin Design employs 72 employees, including 55 that work out of its headquarters in Dubuque, located at 4155 Pennsylvania Ave. The company also has an office in Davenport and a satellite office in Shullsburg, Wis.

The company specializes in offering architecture, engineering, field services and land surveying.

Ready said that the previous moniker, IIW, was based loosely on the fact that the firm provided services for customers in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. That name became less appropriate when the firm further developed business in Minnesota.

On top of that, Ready noted, another local business has a name similar to IIW, which sometimes created confusion.

The new name will be incorporated into the company’s website, marketing materials and signage, Ready said.

The rebranding comes as Origin Design is on the cusp of another exciting development. Ready noted that the company will move its headquarters to 137 Main St., occupying a portion of the Platinum building, in August.

Origin Design can be reached at 563-556-2464 or by visiting origindesign.com.