IT strategy: Critical for organizations’ success

As we embrace the ending of 2020 and welcome 2021, it is interesting to look back on how our work and home life have evolved during the past 10 months.

For most organizations, remote work was a flexible option or part of a disaster recovery test conducted once per year.

But now, some form of remote work is seen throughout the majority of industries across the country. Many organizations saw a complete shift of operations in a matter of days or weeks. While some were prepared, others were faced with total digital transformations. It quickly became clear that many in-house IT organizations were ill-prepared for such a swift transition.

Managed Information Technology (IT) Services, where technical operations are managed or co-managed by an outside vendor, are continuing to prove their value in the wake of COVID-19.

As technology becomes more specialized, organizations find themselves looking for a unicorn staff member capable of handling the breadth of IT systems, infrastructure and applications.

Managed IT services allows the vast level of expertise that exists within a large corporation to be used on a consistent, subscription-like, basis.

Businesses, not just IT organizations, now find themselves in a situation of proactive decision making. If the pandemic has brought any form of positive change into the business world, it surely comes in the awareness of our dependency on technology for key business functions.

If your organization has not reviewed your current technology infrastructure, I challenge you to think about your preparedness as of March 2020.

What challenges can you mitigate now to prepare yourself for the next disruption? What challenges are your team not able to handle from a technical standpoint? Could your organization benefit from an outsourced IT solution?

Technology continues to evolve rapidly. Partnering with experienced advisors will help you set a strategic vision for your future, increase the productivity of your workforce and allow you to refocus on your business goals.