Ken Rohl, founder of ROHL Luxury Plumbing, Launches New Book

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Ken Rohl was 50 years old when he decided he’d had enough of corporate life. He realized there were too many people, politics and opinions stifling his creativity and inspiration. He also believed the lessons gained from his stint in corporate America weren’t all bad, and that it is never too late to start something new.

“The Corporateneur Plan” shares stories and teachings from Rohl’ business journey during a lifetime building an extraordinarily successful presence within the luxury home market. Grounded in research and enlivened with personal anecdotes, it’s a guidebook for every aspiring entrepreneur to read before cutting the cord from their corporate careers and setting out on their journey.

The benefits of employing disciplines like planning, budgeting and codifying a vision and a mission would be material to his success as an entrepreneur. He also felt he the need balance those aspects, the science of business, with more artistic elements, like intuition and humanity, if he was to build a business that could attract and retain the right talent and weather economic storms and unforeseen challenges.

Thirty-five years and a successful sale of the business to a Fortune 500 company later, he shares a unique and relatable perspective, relevant for entrepreneurs of any age.

The book was written in collaboration with Pam Danziger, speaker, author and market researcher, and Greg Rohl, principal of The Rohl Model, former VP of marketing at The House of Rohl and one of Ken’s three sons.

The book is available as a paperback, e-boo, and audiobook through all major retailers.