Kiss the Ground launches mini-documentary series, ‘Stories of Regeneration’

Los Angeles, Calif. — Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to regeneration as a viable solution for climate, wellness and water crisis through storytelling, education and advocacy, is launching a mini-documentary series, “Stories of Regeneration.”

The films seek to educate audiences worldwide by sharing a diverse array of stories directly from regenerative leaders about their unique journeys.

“Each story highlights a unique leader in the regenerative movement,” said Kiss the Ground CEO Evan Harrison. “While the stories are different, they all focus on working in concert with nature, doing our part to provide a better future for many generations.”

The series begins with Mollie Engelhart, a regenerative farmer at Sow A Heart Farm in Fillmore, Calif. Engelhart’s story demonstrates the holistic transformation of regenerative agriculture. She shares her journey of resilience and determination, overcoming challenges on seemingly inhospitable land.

Through innovative approaches, such as implementing a composting program at her plant-based bistro and brewery, Sage, Engelhart revolutionized her farm and witnessed remarkable changes.

The film highlights the importance of working with nature and showcases the thriving state of her farm as a result of regenerative practices.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Kiss the Ground’s Stories of Regeneration film series,” Engelhart said. “It is a powerful platform that showcases the incredible potential of regenerative agriculture. Through my journey, I aim to inspire others to embrace regenerative practices and realize the transformative impact they can have on our environment and food systems.”

Viewers also will meet Yadi Wang, a regenerative southwest heirloom wheat farmer. Wang’s story follows his vision of transforming a golf course into a regenerative farm, overcoming drought and adversity.

Born in China and equipped with a Ph.D. in soil science, Wang’s respect for farmers and passion for honoring ancestry’s work and traditional knowledge led him to become a first-generation farmer in the U.S.

The film highlights the power of bridging generations and perspectives, emphasizing Wang’s legacy and the importance of community and collaboration in regenerative practices.

“Through my journey, I strive to set a positive example for my children and inspire others to make a difference in their communities,” Wang said. “By embracing regenerative practices, we can create a better place for future generations.”

The films will showcase other innovative approaches — such as animal integration, multi-crop, cover cropping, roller crimping as well as reduced tillage and minimized soil disturbance techniques — that have transformed challenging environments into thriving ecosystems. They emphasize the importance of nurturing the soil and working in harmony with nature to benefit farmers and the surrounding community.

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