McDonald’s cult classic, the McRib, is coming back

NEW YORK — McRib, the fast food sandwich that went viral before viral was a thing, is back.

McDonald’s announced today that for the first time in eight years it will be offering nationwide its barbecue slathered sandwich with the cult following.

The McRib will appear on the menus Dec. 2, for a limited time, of course.

The McRib is an elusive prize for adherents, who scour the internet for reports of its surfacing at limited locations, and for a short amount of time. There is even a website called the McRib Locator, created to spread the word about McDonald’s restaurants that are offering the boneless pork sandwich served with slivered onions and pickles on top.

The company’s social media team this month lamented a lack of concern over its feelings, when the McRib enters the conversation.

McDonald’s is reintroducing the McRib nationally as it tries to regain its footing during the pandemic, which left many of its dining rooms sparsely populated or empty, though drive-thrus continued to operate.

When it released second-quarter earnings in July showing a 68% decline in net income, the world’s largest burger chain said it would spend more than $200 million to support franchisee marketing during the second quarter in a bid to get customers back.

It’s not impossible to get a McRib any time you want it, but you might need to travel to Germany, where it’s on the menu year-round.

The McRib debuted nationally the U.S. in 1982.