Medical Associates seeks rezoning for new clinic in Dubuque

Medical Associates Clinic is taking the first steps toward building a new clinic along the Northwest Arterial in Dubuque.

The company intends to locate the clinic across Chavenelle Road from Dubuque Regional Humane Society, though there is no firm construction timeline at this point. But this week, Dubuque Zoning Advisory Commission members voted, 7-0, to recommend rezoning the 5.6-acre parcel from planned industrial to general commercial.

Speaking before the commission, Robert Hartig, a representative for Medical Associates, said the company intends to construct a new medical clinic on the property and requires the rezoning in order to continue with the project.

“That is the requirement for us to put in a medical clinic,” Hartig said. “We would, of course, get started with investing time and effort into the planning process.”

When contacted by the Telegraph Herald, officials with Medical Associates said the clinic primarily will be used as part of the company’s occupational medicine business.

“This location will allow us to better serve our industrial center clients and provide convenient access for other industrial clients throughout the region,” said Chief Operating Officer Brian Schatz.

He stressed that the company hopes to “eventually” bring the project to fruition, but he did not provide a timeline for when construction might begin.

Officials with Medical Associates declined to provide further details on the project.

Zoning Advisory Commission members expressed enthusiasm for the project, and the recommendation now goes to the City Council for consideration.