Medical Associates to move occupational health clinics into one new Dubuque location

Medical Associates Clinic will consolidate its two Dubuque occupational health clinics into one new location within the next month.

Tri-State Occupational Health will open at 4155 Pennsylvania Ave. on May 23. The location is the former home of Origin Design, which moved out of the space last year.

Tri-State Occupational Health has a total of 28 employees at two Dubuque locations: one at 1940 Elm St. and one at Medical Associates’ West Campus at 1500 Associates Drive.

“We were outgrowing the spaces that we’re in,” said Brian Schatz, chief operating officer of Medical Associates. “We also were strategically looking for a new location in the West End of town that’s growing, as well as a location by the industrial center in the Chavenelle (Road) area.”

The new space will span about 8,000 square feet, Schatz added, giving the clinic about 10% more space than the other two locations.

Tina Wagner, manager of Tri-State Occupational Health, said discussions about consolidating the clinic into one location have been had for three or four years.

“We recognized that we might be better suited to serve our clients more toward the West End,” she said. “Since we originally moved here 26 years ago, a lot of industry has pushed to the West End. … We do think it’s going to allow us to effectively and efficiently take care of anticipated patient growth.”

Wagner added that the new clinic location will offer the same services as the current two locations do, but services will be expanded, including a larger lab area.

Schatz also noted that upgrades to the future space include new X-ray technology.

He added that Tri-State Occupational Health will add a new primary occupational health specialist, Dr. Jeffery Westpheling, to the team this summer.

Schatz said Medical Associates has had a board-certified occupational medicine physician on staff during his 23-year tenure.

“That’s a high level of expertise not offered by anyone else,” he said. “This commitment of the highest level of expertise is continuing, and it really sets Tri-State Occupational Health apart.”

Wagner said the occupational health clinic at the West Campus will close on Friday, April 29, in preparation for the move. The Elm Street location will remain open until May 20, and then, all Tri-State Occupational Health staff will begin working at the new location May 23.

The Tri-State Occupational Health clinic in Dyersville, Iowa, will remain open.

“Everybody is super excited and passionate about this move,” Wagner said. “We’re still going to offer everything we have been, just under one roof.”