Plans announced for new urgent care clinic in Dubuque

A local health care provider announced today that it is opening a new urgent care clinic in Dubuque later this year. 

Grand River Medical Group’s new clinic will be located at 245 Railroad Ave., across the street from the Locust Street Hy-Vee. It is anticipated to open this fall.

Justin Hafner, CEO of Grand River Medical Group, said the company is unable to determine the exact opening time of the facility due to potential delays in readying the new clinic that could arise because of ongoing supply chain issues. 

Hafner said the clinic was proposed as a way to grant quick access to urgent medical care for residents living in downtown Dubuque and across the river in Southwest Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois. 

“For many people, this location is the closest health care facility,” he said. “What we anticipate is this will provide an additional health care option.”

Grand River Medical Group will hire 10 new employees to staff the new clinic, including clinicians, nurses, radiology staff and office staff. Upon its opening, the hours of operation will be 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. 

Along with providing acute clinic services, the center also will provide care for more severe injuries and illnesses, including eye problems, nausea and vomiting, neck or back pain, skin infection, skin lumps, sunburn and upper respiratory infection, the release states.

The clinic also will provide x-ray services. 

This is the second urgent care center opened by Grand River Medical Group and is the third location for the company that will provide acute clinic services. 

Hafner said the new urgent care center is stationed at the intersection of two major highways and will be highly accessible to residents throughout the tri-state area, and it will provide rapid treatment for residents in need of immediate care. 

“We have a society that expects things when they want it, and we do think that is what patients want and expect,” Hafner said. “That is the void that we think this will help fill.”

Adam Hoffman, member of the Dubuque County Board of Health, praised the opening of a new health care clinic in the community. 

“I think it is a win to the community anytime that we can increase access to quality medical care,” he said. “During COVID, we’ve seen the benefit of bringing health care to the people and providing convenient options for health services should help increase the health of the community.”