Popular local coffee shop opens location in Peosta

Jumble Coffee Co.

Jumble Coffee Co. has opened a third location at 7342 Thunder Valley Drive in Peosta, Iowa.

Other locations: 820 Wacker Drive in Dubuque and 4945 Asbury Road in Asbury, Iowa

Hours: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday

Employees: 22 across the three shops

Website: jumblecoffee.com

PEOSTA, Iowa — Old Man Winter gave George Nauman a little assist Monday morning.

Snow-covered roads from a late-winter storm meant Nauman and his crew were “just the right amount of busy” when Jumble Coffee Co. opened its new shop in Peosta, which is its third location.

“We were a little nervous about getting our butts kicked on day one, but the snowstorm has helped us ease into it a little bit,” said Nauman, co-owner of Jumble. “It’s been busy, but not insane right out of the gate, which is good.”

The new drive-thru coffee shop is located at 7342 Thunder Valley Drive in Peosta.

Nauman opened his first shop, at 820 Wacker Drive in Dubuque, in December 2010. An Asbury location opened in 2016 at 4945 Asbury Road.

Business has been brisk at the Dubuque and Asbury drive-thru coffee shops, prompting Nauman to open the third site.

“The magic formula for us is No. 1, having organic, fair-trade, fresh-roasted coffee,” Nauman said. “Speed of service is No. 2, and No. 3 is we offer real service — not cookie-cutter. We get to know our customers and treat them like we would our friends.”

Nauman said he expects existing and future housing developments and students from nearby Northeast Iowa Community College to help supply a stream of customers to the Peosta shop.

“Peosta is obviously growing very rapidly, and I wouldn’t have made the move if I wasn’t confident that it would work,” he said.

Peosta Mayor Russ Pfab said residents welcomed Jumble’s opening.

“Jumble has been a favorite for a lot of people in Peosta, and I know people have been after (Nauman) to move out to Peosta for quite a while,” Pfab said.

Pfab said the shop marks the debut of another amenity for residents of the developing city. Jumble is located across the street from the recently opened Darkbird Taphouse.

“We’re getting the things that people want,” Pfab said. “It really makes us more of a place to live as well as work.”

Jumble’s 2,500-square-foot Peosta location includes an upper floor for office and meeting space. The location also includes ample basement storage that will make the Peosta site a hub for Jumble’s local operations.

“We’re going to supply all of our other shops from here,” Nauman said. “We will roast (coffee beans) here, and we roast in Asbury, but all of our food production will be here.”

Nauman said the design of the Peosta location means Jumble can more easily receive its supply of coffee beans.

“We are so small on Wacker — it’s a tiny space,” Nauman said. “(The Asbury site) looks big, but there isn’t a lot of room inside. We get 150-pound bags of green coffee, and when they come on a pallet in Asbury, we drag them one by one through the door.”

The Peosta location can accept a shipment of 20 150-pound bags, and an elevator carries them to a basement storage area.

For customers, the Peosta location features drive-thru and walk-up windows and will include outdoor seating.

“We have all of the space in the world,” Nauman said.