Rising Star: Brian Davis

Brian Davis, vice president at Cottingham & Butler

Brian Davis, vice president at Cottingham & Butler, has worked his way from a graphic designer to designing and shaping the insurance broker’s business strategy — while also giving back to the community.

“I work at a company with so many talented individuals,” Davis said, “and to also hear that our CEO is the one that nominated me was pretty special. But also it was kind of the fact of, I could list 50 or 100 people that are more deserving of receiving this on our team.”

David Becker, Cottingham & Butler CEO, said what makes Davis an “amazing leader” is his insistence for excellence.

“He makes others look great, being willing to let others get the spotlight … When I think about greatness in being a role model in business and life — I think of Brian’s main traits: High expectations, focus on the things that matter and incredible humility that helps others succeed,” Becker said.

One way Davis stays active in the community is through woodworking, which is how he fuels his passion for creativity. That passion has since resulted in having excess pieces, such as benches, that he donates to community groups, like Make-A-Wish and the Barriers Project at Cottingham & Butler.

Davis also holds pizza nights at the Teresa Shelter with his wife and three boys. Earlier this year, he said, he hoped to find 12 families to sponsor a pizza night for the shelter. More than 20 families signed up, so they now are able to provide meals twice per month.

“It’s kind of a distraction and something for them to look forward to,” Davis said.

He also played a role in launching Cottingham & Butler’s C&B Better initiative, which provides a quarterly contribution — currently $7,000 — to tri-state area charities.

The number of times Davis has helped others without recognition is “probably in the hundreds,” according to Becker.

“He doesn’t seek the credit,” Becker said, “won’t be on the front page of the paper, but his influence is powerful and pervasive.”