Rising Star: Lauren Minert

Lauren Minert, human resources manager, Kunkel and Associates

Lauren Minert, human resources manager at Kunkel and Associates, has watched her role models receive the Rising Star award and now, she said, she’s thrilled to be among them.

After graduating from the University of Iowa in 2017 and moving to Dubuque, her supervisor Kim Budde suggested she join the Women’s Leadership Network.

“In college, I was very passionate about getting involved with anything (related to) women’s empowerment,” Minert said. “The first meeting I attended, it immediately clicked.”

After sitting on various WLN committees, Minert is a member of the organization’s board of directors.

Budde said Minert understands the importance of community involvement to spread awareness of Kunkel and Associates, while also cultivating a professional network.

“There are many contributions Lauren makes to the company with her leadership abilities,” Budde said. “She is never afraid to take on a new challenge and she is always looking ahead with her strategic thinking abilities to make us better and stronger at all times.”

Minert also volunteers with Opening Doors, a women’s domestic violence program, and Fountain of Youth, among other entities.

Minert said she was passionate about working with domestic violence programs in college and Opening Doors was a way for her to continue giving back in that realm.

“I love meeting new people, hearing different stories of where others have come from,” Minert said, “kind of putting myself in others’ shoes.”

In her role with Kunkel and Associates, she oversees the internship program, from which many students return as full-time employees. Budde said Minert has grown the program through her foresight and leadership.

“We’ve had tremendous feedback from the students involved in our program because they walk away with gained experience and knowledge from their time spent with us,” Budde said.

Additionally, the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals was “essential” in helping Minert learn more about herself and network with others.