Rising Stars 2023: Kevin Finke

While Kevin Finke’s official title at Dubuque Bank & Trust is that of a vice president in the commercial banking department, the people he has worked with both professionally and through his community endeavors would add several others behind his name — leader, volunteer, role model and advocate among them.

DB&T commercial banking senior vice president Nick Patrum nominated Finke for Rising Stars.

“In the three short years that Kevin has been with DB&T, he has made a significant impact with his leadership,” he said in the nomination.

“Not only is Kevin available for our clients, but he is always available and an advocate for his teammates. He is a role model each day in his work and personal life.”

Finke’s philosophy is that you don’t need a formal title to step up.

“I’ve always been of the belief that you don’t need a leadership title at work (to be a leader),” he said. “You just set that example.”

Patrum pointed to DB&T’s increase in asset size, streamlined processes and more opportunities for cross-selling and relationship management as just a few of the ways that Finke has contributed to the organization’s growth during the past three years.

“He has shared his techniques and strategies with colleagues,” Patrum said. “He is collaborative and consistently works across departments to find solutions that will help our clients and the whole organization.”

Finke also serves on the North Region board of Junior Achievement, and enjoys getting into the classroom to teach children how to do everything money-related — earn, spend, save, donate — and how all of that affects them and their community.

“My favorite part of Junior Achievement is volunteering in the classroom,” he said. “The kids are very engaged. They want to learn. Third grade is where I’ve found my niche. They still think I’m cool. And if we can connect with kids and put them on the right path, that’s important.”

Patrum said that Finke’s achievements both in his career and personal life have made him a valuable employee.

“Kevin is a role model each day in his work and personal life,” Patrum said. “He is a consistent advocate for his teammates, his customers and his community. He is high energy and always willing to guide new coworkers or jump in to help when it’s needed. He demonstrates a true balance of work and personal life.”