Rising Stars 2023: Kevin Meyers

Kevin Meyers in detail

Age: 33.

Job title/occupation/place of employment: Account executive with Kunkel & Associates.

Volunteer activities: Opening Doors board of directors, sponsor couple at church, Knights of Columbus member. Formerly on the Young Professionals of Dubuque board of directors and a mentor for Dubuque Community School District.

Education: 2013 graduate of Loras College.

Family: Wife, Stephanie; sons Gage and Will.

Person most inspirational to me and why: My wife, Stephanie. She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader with all I do while crushing it as a parent, professional, friend and wife. She is able to balance everything and we love solving the world’s problems together any chance we get.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: I’m often told that I missed my calling as a chef. I love to cook. I also love to host people at my house for cookouts or bonfires. I’m an avid Iowa Hawkeyes fan and I love to travel.

One word to describe me: Personable.

What’s one thing that most people would be surprised to know about you: I have a degree in elementary education.

Greatest fear: Drowning.

What’s the one thing you are most passionate about in your life: Bringing others with me and catapulting them forward. It’s one thing to help others run but it’s another to want them to run faster than you.

Skill, determination, exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence.

These are just a few of the terms Lauren Minert, human resources manager at Kunkel & Associates, used to describe Kevin Meyers in her nomination for Rising Stars.

“Throughout his tenure, Kevin has consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities that have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues,” she said.

Three years ago, Meyers took over Kunkel’s summer college internship program.

“Once we started getting traction behind the internship program six years ago, I had a huge interest in it,” he said. “I talked to our CEO and said I had a passion and skillset for it, and they were gracious enough to give me that opportunity.”

Minert said she believes that Meyers has developed one of the best internship programs in the Midwest.

“Kevin’s ability to build up that program has had a significant impact on our company results,” she said. “We have hired over 90% of the interns back full-time, and last year we had five new hires from the internship program that finished in the top 20 of our sales group.”

Meyers is a huge fan of not only Kunkel’s internal internship program, but interns in general.

“Internships have really changed the workplace, and that was something we recognized,” Meyers said. “This is an opportunity to really scout young talent. They’re very malleable, and we can teach them our tricks of the trade and really be that first true professional office experience. We’re seeing another level of success with that. A lot of our young salespeople are really crushing it.”

In addition to his commitment to Kunkel & Associates and its internship program, Minert said Meyers is a huge contributor to the company’s overall culture.

“He has a strong commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture,” Minert said. “He prioritizes open communication, seeks input from team members and encourages diverse perspectives. His inclusive leadership style has created an environment where everyone feels valued, empowered and motivated to do their best.”

Those qualities carry over into Meyers’ commitment to his community as well. As a member of the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals, he has served on the board as a member, as vice president and most recently as president. He is also on the board of Opening Doors.

“I believe that once a mentor, always a mentor,” Meyers said. “I think that way in the workplace and personally. It’s a lifelong thing. You build relationships with these people, so even five or 10 years down the road, you’re still there to help.”