Rising Stars: Ben Gander, of Dubuque Bank and Trust

Ben Gander, Senior Vice President Treasury Management Sales Leader at Dubuque Bank and Trust

Ben Gander enjoys solving problems that his customers didn’t know existed. His motto is “If our customers are successful, the bank will be successful.”

Gander is responsible for leading the sales team for the development of the new treasury management business, product, service delivery and revenue generation for Dubuque Bank and Trust. He’s also part of DB&T senior leadership team that helps establish bank strategic plans for all business lines.

He assists business customers with a consultative approach by digging deeper to help the businesses with processes and efficiencies they may not even have been aware of, all of which benefit the client.

“We have a customer we wanted to have outsource their checks within their receivables process by leveraging a lockbox versus processing the incoming checks/payments in-house. As this company added more customers, this meant more checks to process each month. We met with their receivables team to learn about their in-house process,” Gander said.

We quantified how much time and money the business spent each month to process the checks in-house versus leveraging technology to reduce cost and have a more efficient workforce.

“I took this data to the CFO/CEO of the company and proposed an outsourced lockbox with DB&T. This move would allow them to re-purpose a number of the receivables staff to focus on revenue generating projects the company didn’t have time to address because of time and resource constraints. In the end, the customer implemented our lockbox service, received an automated receivables process and re-purposed some staff on several internal projects.”

Tut Fuller, president and CEO of DB&T, nominated Gander. Fuller said “In the four short years, that Ben has been with DB&T, he has made a tremendous impact. Not only is he available for our clients, he is always available for his team. In 2019 he garnered impressive increases in the treasury management financial results.”

As the father of two daughters and two sons, Gander is passionate about the importance of families and childhood development. He serves on the board of directors and executive committee for Two by Two, a character development program committed to developing responsible citizens of strong character who care for, respect and appreciate people, animals and the environment.

“I love working with people, love helping them learn things that I’ve experienced before,” Gander said. “I get a lot of energy out of helping others, especially if it involves kids.”