Rising Stars: Dee Crist, of Dubuque Bank and Trust

Dee Crist, vice president of Private Banking and Mortgage at Dubuque Bank and Trust

Dee Crist stayed persistent and committed in her project to put a new mortgage strategy in place in just 30 days by setting goals and adhering to daily tasks.

“I put a project management team together and laid out expectation and accountability factors for about 20 different bank departments, vendors and third parties to implement the process quickly. We did have to make some pivots throughout the project, but I realigned and pushed through. Providing a mortgage product to our customers is essential so it drove me to stay persistent and committed,” Crist said.

“This is quite a feat,” said Tut Fuller, president and CEO at DB&T and who nominated Crist. “She worked across many departments to meet regulatory and internal requirements. The fruits of her labor were rewarded as DB&T was awarded Top Alliance Bank in 2019 from the Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation.”

Crist has worked for Dubuque Bank and Trust for seven years and plays a key role in strategizing and implementing the success of both the mortgage and private banking departments. She has aligned the two teams to understand that the two product lines are complementary products to each other so the teams function and are managed in a holistic approach. Under her leadership, mortgage profit has increased substantially as have new private banking relationships.

“Dee has been a great leader and mentor for me during my time at DB&T,” said private banker Carissa Seeley. “For me personally, she has been very inspirational and encouraging when it comes to reaching for new goals outside of my comfort zone.”

Using the entrepreneurial spirit fostered by her father, Crist started Homeboxed, an online home décor company that curates a box filled with décor pieces based on the change of seasons, holidays and home trends. Her goal is to make home décor shopping effortless and easy while eliminating the hassle and making a home beautiful.

In her spare time, Crist coaches her daughter Dea’s volleyball team.

“It’s extraordinary to see young girls build confidence, maintain discipline, understand teamwork and social skills through a sports setting,” Crist said.

She also serves as a board member of Brain Health Now, an organization dedicated to ending the negative stigma surrounding brain health issues.

Crist is motivated by being a part of the financial future of a customer. “Finances are a key to a customer’s personal success,” Crist said. “I enjoy helping customers achieve their financial goals.”