Think your growth is frozen? Get in motion

“Frozen growth” is something you have likely experienced. However, you will not find this term in a dictionary or a web search. And it has nothing to do with frozen food, frozen yogurt or the popular Disney movie.

Frozen growth is a phrase I have coined because of my experiences, and it often is a stumbling block I hear from others trying to grow and excel in life.

Frozen growth is most often expressed when you want to grow and change in life but do not know where to start. Twenty years ago, I remembered pounding my fists on my steering wheel in frustration. I had dreams and abilities that I felt I was not using in my current roles and positions. I have more talent and passion to give to this world.

At this time, I was no longer in college, so I didn’t have the connections to ask where I could go to learn more. I didn’t know what books to read. The internet wasn’t what it is today, so I couldn’t even search vague questions to find my answers. My growth was frozen, and I felt helpless.

Thankfully a witty book title caught my eye in an airport bookstore. I did not consider myself a reader then, but I took a chance and bought the book.

One week later, I returned home with a fully read copy of “Thinking for a Change,” by John C. Maxwell. During this trip, I learned that I was not reading the right books throughout my young years. I do not enjoy fiction books, but I embraced this personal development book.

This book is exactly what I needed to begin thinking differently. This book and others I soon absorbed gave me new ways to think. I was empowered to do something with these new ideas.

Through the years, I have learned more about the power of our thoughts and beliefs. We choose our success in life by choosing our thoughts.

The Belief Triangle is a powerful image that shows how our beliefs create our actions, and our actions create our results. In turn, our results create more belief. I struggle the most with my thoughts and beliefs when they are not positive or empowering. How can I do the right action if my beliefs are tarnished?

That is when I need to turn my Belief Triangle so “Actions” is at the top. By reading or listening to personal development ideas, we learn about actions others have taken to find success. Start with those actions, and we will see different results in our own lives. This is when my belief begins to move toward positive thoughts. The exciting results will create a new desire to continue challenging myself for more positive change.

Paul Martinelli teaches in “10 Steps to Creating a New Belief” that we need first a desire then we need to act.

The desire for something different in my life comes easy. My desire or passion usually boils intensely within me. The Belief Triangle is an easy tool to remember when frozen growth strikes. However, we need to turn it on its side to begin a new journey.

One of the best life lessons I have learned is to start somewhere. Do not allow yourself to freeze in fear or frustration. Do something to keep moving. Just like a car, which is easier to steer when moving, so are we.

Start with an action that gets you into motion. Then adjust your course to stay on your desired growth path.