Tri-state tidbits: School board member receives award; country star makes local stop

To say that Tom Barton was surprised to receive the Wells Fargo Spirit Award earlier this month would be an understatement.

“Completely blindsided would be putting it mildly,” said Barton, a financial adviser and Dubuque Community School Board member.

He remained unaware of the distinction, given to just one of the company’s 1,300 advisers each year, after traveling to a company conference in Colorado Springs, Colo. It wasn’t until his baby picture appeared on stage that Barton figured out what was happening.

“It’s completely overwhelming,” he said of the award, given in recognition of service to the community. “Nobody volunteers in the community so that they can be recognized. That’s not how it works. So when recognition does come your way, it’s almost disorienting.”

The award ceremony, held Aug. 13, also included a video presentation that had been prepared in secret. A Wells Fargo film crew had covertly interviewed Barton’s colleagues and friends, setting up shop in the Schmid Innovation Center.

The company even brought Barton’s operations manager and 15-year-old daughter to the event without his knowledge.

After receiving the award, Wells Fargo officials took plaster impressions of Barton’s hands. The mold will be used to create hands that will be displayed at the company’s home office.

Rising country star visits Codfish Hollow

Country music artist Cam made an unexpected tri-state-area stop recently.

The singer of the hit single, “Burning House,” Cam (Camaron Ochs) revealed on her “Mayday Monday” video chat with fans posted Aug. 15 that she had visited Codfish Hollow Barnstormers during the weekend.

Cam also posted a photo from the venue located near Maquoketa on her Instagram account.

“I went and saw this cool venue in Iowa,” she told fans on her Facebook page.

Visit camcountry/videos to watch Cam’s “Mayday Mondays” video feature. She discusses Codfish Hollow Barnstormers at the 8:19 mark of the Aug. 15 edition.