Truck dealer plans new, $6.7 million facility in Dubuque

A full-service commercial truck dealership will expand its presence in Dubuque with the construction of a new location next year.

Thompson Truck & Trailer, currently located at 1190 Roosevelt St. Ext., plans to build a new location at 6800 Boulder Brook Court, which is off Stone Valley Drive, according to Marketing Director Erica Bellach. She said current plans call for construction to start in early 2022 and for the new facility to be in operation in early 2023.

A building permit issued by the City of Dubuque stated that the building will span 29,500 square feet and estimated the construction costs at $6.7 million.

Bellach said the new location will be larger than the existing one. On top of that, its location near U.S. 20 and where it meets the Southwest Arterial will help meet the needs of the company’s clients.

“Our customer base is made up of truck drivers,” Bellach explained. “For these individuals, the new location will be much easier to access than the current one. That’s the biggest thing: added convenience and ease of access for our customer base.”

Thompson Truck & Trailer has been family owned and operated for about 25 years. It has six locations across eastern Iowa and western Illinois. The company carries a wide variety of new and pre-owned inventory, according to its website.

The business also services vehicles, a component of operations that should be enhanced by the upcoming move.

“We will be adding seven additional service bays at the new location (compared to the current one),” Bellach said.

The move also will allow Thompson Truck & Trailer to add to its workforce. It employs about 35 people in Dubuque now, and Bellach said that figure could increase to 45 once the company’s move is complete.

While the firm hopes to start on the project soon, Bellach acknowledged that the timetable is not set in stone.

“There are a ton of caveats based on material availability, weather and things like that,” she said.

Dubuque Planning Services Manager Wally Wernimont said he is not surprised to see increased development in the area eyed by Thompson Truck & Trailer.

“With the opening of the Southwest Arterial, those areas are prime for commercial and industrial development,” he said.

Wernimont believes the area will be a magnet for development in the near future.

“With commercial development, retail sales and service, they look at traffic counts — how many people are driving by their door at those locations and the number of eyes on the business, and the accessibility or access to it,” he said. “I think this part of town will draw a lot of interest.”