Biz people


HIRED: Alayna Knox as a data analyst.

HIRED: Amy Xiong as manager of trade relations.

HIRED: Kyle Fisher as vice president of information technology.

HIRED: Rachel Hill as director of underwriting.

HIRED: Yvonne Delphia as strategic account executive.

HIRED: Kirsten DeSanto as an account manager.

HIRED: Taryn Turner as an IT help desk technician.

HIRED: Jolene Kohlenberg as HR manager.

HIRED: Grace Enloe as a data entry specialist.

HIRED: Anji Lewis as a senior member advocate.

PROMOTED: Matt Behnke to IT manager.

PROMOTED: Grace Kroeger to account coordinator.

PROMOTED: Jon Moore to director of strategic partnerships.

PROMOTED: Angella Hammel to senior member advocate.

PROMOTED: Kelly Jones to pharmacy technician trainee.

PROMOTED: Mary Jo Harris to patient care coordinator.

Friend of Hospice Award

ACHIEVEMENT: Greg Birkett, a Hospice of Dubuque volunteer for more than 20 years, received the Friend of Hospice award, which recognizes an individual who has demonstrated long-term dedication to and support of the Hospice of Dubuque mission through outreach, fundraising and generosity. Birkett is owner and general manager of the Dubuque Advertiser and has been a longtime Hospice board member.

Medical Associates

HIRED: Katelyn Roussel, DNP, for the acute care department, where she will provide a complete range of medical care and offer urgent care treatment for non-life threatening emergencies and walk-in medical services.

HIRED: Jeffrey Fogle for the acute care department.

HIRED: Jeanne Tobin for the acute care department.

Crescent Community Health Center

HIRED: Carol Caldwell as director of human capital and culture.

HIRED: Conner Ferguson as a licensed practical nurse.

HIRED: Roberto Miranda as a patient service representative.

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County

HIRED: Kari DePauw for the orthopaedic department. She will work closely with Dr. Dan Stormont and Brian McComb in the MHLC Specialty Clinic in Darlington, Wis.

Destinations International Board

ACHIEVEMENT: Galena Country Tourism CEO and president Rose Noble was appointed to the 2022/2023 board of directors for Destinations International. She represents Galena Country and the central Midwest United States on the board.

Grant Regional Health Center

HIRED: David Casillas Plazola to family medicine and obstetrics.

HIRED: Dale Chilson to ENT and as a facial plastic surgeon.

HIRED: Rachel Loeffelholz as a family nurse practitioner.

Cottingham & Butler

HIRED: Linda Niemann as a client service representative.

HIRED: Priscilla LuGrain as a member services coordinator.

HIRED: Brian Sholty as a talent acquisition specialist.

HIRED: Olivia Meyer as claims coordinator.

HIRED: Kimberly Digman as claims coordinator.

HIRED: Jenna Bakken as a claims representative.

HIRED: Megan Brunssen as a staff accountant.

HIRED: Jack Benda as a business analyst.

HIRED: Rebecca Schmieder as a WC RN case manager.

HIRED: Nick Jobgen as account administrator.

HIRED: Ashley Benda as account administrator.

HIRED: Katherine Welu as a benefits services assistant.

HIRED: Bianca Vanbebber as a quality assurance coordinator.

HIRED: Jody Stortzum as a service representative.


PROMOTED: Johnathan Glaser to audit services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Crystal Hoefer to senior director of audit services.

PROMOTED: Clarice LeBlanc to manager of audit services.

PROMOTED: Jake Oberbroeckling to audit services supervisor.

PROMOTED: Andy Salwolke to audit services supervisor.

PROMOTED: Amber Droessler to tax services manager.

PROMOTED: Mitch Gaul to tax services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Jalen Strunk to tax services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Rachael Schueller to tax services supervisor.

PROMOTED: Derrek Atherley to consulting services director.

PROMOTED: Tim LaGrange to services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Jase Grant to services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Wyatt Less to services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Nathan Markus to services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Micah Metheny to services senior associate.

PROMOTED: Cory Weinschenk to services senior associates.

PROMOTED: Shelby Jaeger to consulting services supervisor.

PROMOTED: Brett Leibold to consulting services supervisor.

PROMOTED: Mike Vondra to consulting services supervisor.

PROMOTED: Ken Osterhaus to consulting services manager.

PROMOTED: Kayla Sieverding to consulting services manager.

PROMOTED: Heather Vance to consulting services manager.

PROMOTED: Mike Wagner to internal client services’ pipeline development team lead.

League of Wisconsin Municipalities Board

ACHIEVEMENT: Platteville City Manager Adam Ruechel was appointed to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities board of directors, a collaborative space for cities and villages to learn from one another as well as to advocate for themselves in the state Legislature.

Employer Support Award

ACHIEVEMENT: MercyOne Eastern Iowa President Kay Takes won the Employer Support of The Guard and Reserve (ESGR) patriot award. The award recognizes supervisors nominated by a Guardsman or Reservist employee for support provided directly to the nominator.

Honkamp Krueger & Co.

HIRED: Connor Dunn as a business development specialist.

HIRED: Kelly English as tax associate I.

HIRED: Kari Cota as an assurance associate.

PROMOTED: Mark Pifer to tax associate.


PROMOTED: Emma Karns to human resources business partner.

PROMOTED: Kelly Simmons to loan maintenance QC supervisor.

Paramount Ambulance

HIRED: Adam Ploessl as chief information and technology officer.

Certified Fund Raising Executive

ACHIEVEMENT: Beth McGorry, St. Mark Youth Enrichment’s director of donor relations, was recognized as a certified fund raising executive by CFRE International.

Wisconsin-Iowa Shopping News

HIRED: Sarah Kelly-Walters as a customer service representative and sales assistant.

Eastern Iowa Media Group-North

HIRED: Matthew Hinderberger as a sports writer.

Clarke University

HIRED: Shelley Decker as coordinator of academic affairs.

HIRED: Nicholas Benson as assistant professor of communication.

HIRED: Richard Grove as assistant professor of psychology.

HIRED: Brandon Rogers as instructor of nursing.

HIRED: Vapordeal Sanders as assistant professor of business.

HIRED: Michaela Koch as visiting assistant professor of education.

HIRED: Jackie Hunter as assistant professor of education.

HIRED: Brenna Burgart as visiting assistant professor of psychology.

HIRED: Jackie Jaeger as assistant professor of accounting.

HIRED: Keisy Peryl Xavier as staff accompanist.

HIRED: Mason Randall as assistant football coach.

HIRED: Nick Young as assistant football coach.

HIRED: Terri Mayberry as director of cheer and dance.

HIRED: Kathleen Sinclair as director of campus ministry.

HIRED: Kristen Duross as assistant softball coach.

HIRED: Kathryn Lindsay as athletic trainer.

HIRED: Francesca LaTorraca as athletic trainer.

HIRED: Chris Miron as head women’s volleyball coach.

HIRED: Tucker LaBelle as head men’s lacrosse coach.

HIRED: Irene Carlquist as head women’s lacrosse coach.

HIRED: Johanna Wahlert as an administrative assistant and special events coordinator for institutional advancement.

HIRED: Elena Dominguez as development officer for digital communications.

HIRED: Jordan Burkholder as an admissions counselor and assistant track coach.

HIRED: Sylma Fernandez as a financial aid outreach coordinator.

HIRED: Nicole Herrig as a campus experience manager.

HIRED: Christine Dempewolf as a financial aid services coordinator.

HIRED: Annika Sunleaf as an admissions counselor.

HIRED: Lori Launspach as a cashier.

HIRED: Jason Benn to maintenance.

HIRED: Benjamin MacDonald as a groundskeeper.

HIRED: Christina Ties as custodian.

HIRED: Kathleen Stoffel as custodian.

HIRED: Marcia Smith as custodian.

HIRED: Ella Lahey as an accounts payable coordinator.

HIRED: Paul Kurutsides as digital media and event specialist.

HIRED: Melissa McGinnis as an accountant.

HIRED: Jeffrey Kerkhoven as Café 1843 shift manager.

Meritorious Public Service Award

ACHIEVEMENT: Bryce Parks, coordinator for the Dubuque-based Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign, has received a civilian award from the U.S. Department of the Navy’s Meritorious Public Service Award. He also was honored for the national civilian campaign of the year.