Comelec, Woodward partnership to accelerate fiber internet in Dubuque area

Two Dubuque companies have formed a partnership to provide fiber internet service to area residential and commercial customers.

Comelec Services Inc. and Woodward Communications Inc., the parent company of the Telegraph Herald, will partner to create Comelec Fiber, focusing on building a network of fiber internet service within the city of Dubuque, with the goal of providing fiber access to 3,000 residential consumers in 2022.

“Comelec Services Inc. has been providing internet services in the greater Dubuque area for a long time, and this provides a great opportunity to partner with a well-established, locally owned company to help accelerate fiber internet services to the area,” said Tim Burbach, president of Comelec Services, in a press release.

Comelec’s existing internet services company, Comelec Internet, will remain as a standalone division of Comelec Services, and the partnership will have no effect on the current customers of Comelec Internet.

Burbach said the goal is to provide fiber access throughout the city of Dubuque. Comelec Fiber will initially focus on building out its network to provide fiber internet service within the city of Dubuque, with the goal of providing fiber access to 3,000 residential consumers within the city in 2022.

“In essence, we have two companies, Comelec Internet and Comelec Fiber, which will operate together seamlessly to accelerate the deployment of high-quality internet access and customer service throughout the greater Dubuque area,” Burbach said in the release. “For example, in addition to fiber deployment by Comelec Fiber within the city of Dubuque, Comelec Internet will also continue building out our fiber networks in the cities of Farley, Epworth and Dyersville this summer.”

Tom Woodward, CEO/president of Woodward Communications, expressed excitement about the partnership.

“Tim’s company has an outstanding reputation, and we agree that a locally owned company will better serve its customers and the community,” he said. “This partnership aligns well with our company’s purpose of providing quality local content and services that support and grow strong communities.”

Rick Dickinson, president and CEO of Greater Dubuque Development Corp., echoed that sentiment.

“It is great to see local partners coming together to accelerate fiber-to-the-home in Dubuque,” he said in the press release. “Access to broadband is a key to future economic opportunity.”

Residential internet fiber access packages will range from $35 to $75 per month. Customers interested in fiber internet services can call 563-557-8442 or go to