Happy 25th birthday, Google!

Where were you on September 27, 1998, when Google was introduced into our world? How did you operate without this organizational tool? I remember traveling with printed directions, researching with encyclopedias and memorizing facts and jokes. These tasks have become easier with inventions utilizing the World Wide Web, allowing us to do more in the same amount of time.

Rory Vaden, author of “Procrastinate on Purpose,” calls this talent “multiplying your time” — spending time on things today that will create more time tomorrow. Rory suggests we filter every task through a funnel by choosing how to eliminate, automate and delegate.

Online tools like GPS, virtual libraries and Google fall into the “automate” category. No longer do I need to use my time studying a map before traveling. I also have more space in my home and office without large bookshelves taking up space for history, facts or stories. Nor do I need to depend on my brain to remember information with a search database at my fingerprints.

Recently, this instant retrieval of content has taken a creative turn with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Entrepreneurs Daiany Nascimento and Sara Carlstein are creating an intelligent parent assistant powered by AI, bringing together the best child experts to empower millions of parents. Envision a world where every parent has easy access to expert advice and a supportive community when navigating childhood.

This tool came to be because the creator of the new technology spent up to a year after childbirth experiencing sleepless nights and foggy days, trying to be everything to her family. She has tried to do more with the same amount of time, including researching sleep training tips for her infant, keeping a smooth running home complete with clean clothes and healthy meals and finding a few minutes for a nap to rejuvenate her energy.

She struggled to find more minutes in her day for these needed tasks. The worst part was once she spent hours becoming a sleep expert for her newborn, her daughter grew into a new development stage. Without this creative, automated solution, the spiral would continue.

Imagine being a well-rested new parent with an automated tool to tell you what you need and when you need it while navigating a new lifestyle, like when your child is about to go through a sleep regression or when to expect the temper tantrum phase to start. The digital parent assistant will ensure you stay ahead of your child’s development by using AI to help anticipate the child and mother’s evolving needs. This automation will prepare you to navigate through these unavoidable challenges with confidence, similar to how your GPS tells you when and where to turn on your travel journeys.

What new opportunity do you wish you had time to invest in? Maybe there is an automated solution available to replace your mundane tasks or maybe you have a creative idea that would transform our world!

Follow Daiany and Sara’s progress on their new automated tool at www.mellow.ie.