Health, wellness and career

Your health and wellness are extremely important.

It’s about eating healthy, regular physical activity, annual visits to your doctor and working to reduce stress in your life. When you are physically and mentally on point, all aspects of your life tend to run smoother and your outlook more positive.

Since your career is such an integral part of your life, it might be impacted by your health status and vice versa. If you are distracted by physical ailments, fatigue and mental fog, your engagement and productivity likely will decrease. Depending on what tasks you perform on the job, lack of focus could lead to possible injury.

The responsibility is on you, the individual to create an atmosphere of wellness. Outside of work hours, find an activity that you enjoy that encourages you to move.

Maybe it’s running or hiking. Maybe it’s dance. Not only does the activity get the blood pumping but also helps to clear and reset your mind.

Make sure your getting enough sleep. Plan your meals to ensure you are getting enough of the good things, fresh and simple foods, and minimizing the processed stuff. Spend time with those you love. There is something powerful about enjoying time and laughter with friends and family.

What can you do while at work? If you have a sedentary job and find yourself sitting for long periods of time, make a point to get up and walk or stretch at least once (twice is better) an hour.

Minimize germs by keeping your area clean and wiping your keyboard and mouse down with sanitizing cloths every so often. How you feel about your job also impacts your overall health. Evaluate if you are frustrated and stressed about work. Is there something that you can alter to improve it? If not, maybe it’s time to make a job change. Maybe even a career change.

Ultimately, we want to be our best self in everything we do. That means evaluating ALL that we do and how it ties together. Start by making small, positive changes if needed.

When you begin to feel the difference you will be motivated to continue making additional changes towards a happy, healthy lifestyle.