Our nation stands at a crossroads

When President Trump was elected four years ago, business and the economy in general were in a malaise. It was a slow boat to nowhere without direction.

It also was feeding China, and our future was somewhere between bleak and uncertain. We were supposed to “get used to it” according to President Obama.

Trump promised to change that scene to a new day of less regulation and less political interference. He did that. The result was outstanding. Everything went up as business did better — wages, investments and growth.

I believe that were Trump not elected, the stranglehold on our nation would have been too impossible to recover from.

Those in political power during the preceding eight to 20 years sold our country out. Decision by decision through the years, China was elevated. To make matters worse, we lost a tremendous amount to intellectual property to them.

Business leaders began to see the positive results of Trump’s background in business and his unapologetic style of putting America first.

Now we stand at a crossroad. We can either continue down a path that brings protection and direction to business or we can be led by someone who has done virtually nothing for 47 years, has no business experience and should probably retire from public life.

I have nothing against Joe Biden. I just know that if America removes Trump at this time, business is going to suffer higher taxes, more restrictions and sink back into the old state of nausea where we discuss how to make businesses run better while floating in a sewer of crooked deep state politics and crooked politicians who do little more than line their pockets with our money. I just do not believe we are going to long survive in a culture of ongoing confusion, calamity, contention and corruption.

The past four years has certainly showed the world just how real our pathetic political environment has become.

We’ve seen the melodrama of the Russian hoax, the silly behaviors of phony self-important politicians and incompetent failures extracting billions from China. Without the bombast about Trump’s win, we likely would never have known about these deep and dangerous things.

If one looks at all of it during the past 20 or 30 years, it is clear that business in America has been like a gentle milk cow — good only for what it can be milked for.

Trump comes from a business background and he gets the usury aspect of the political purse.

The choice in this election is as clear as a cloudless day. If we get this election wrong, we deserve the anguish that will follow.

If we get it right, we might have a chance to strengthen our country around our best old core values and new improved values of inclusion and understanding.

Just vote.